What’s on your product roadmap?

We’re constantly building new features for marketers and creators. Here’s a link to a simple view of our feature roadmap

How do I use ContentGroove?

ContentGroove works best on longer (say >5 minutes) video with spoken content.

To begin, upload a video to ContentGroove from your computer, mobile device, or from a YouTube or Vimeo link. Give us a few minutes to process your video, and you’ll see that we highlight the sections of the video that we think are most relevant for social media. 

From there, you can trim video clips using our editor (it works like a document editor), crop to the desired size, and add/style captions. When you’re ready, upload your clips directly to your favorite social media sites. 

What kinds of media files work best?

ContentGroove works best on longer (say >5 minutes) video with spoken content. Good examples of videos that work well include marketing webinars, how-to videos, interviews, and video meetings/calls. We support multiple media file formats today and our system works on both audio and video files.

What kinds of links are supported for video uploads?

ContentGroove supports uploads from YouTube and Vimeo links. Our system may receive uploads from other video links as well.

What resolution videos do you retrieve from YouTube and Vimeo?

Currently, videos retrieved directly from YouTube or Vimeo are limited to 720p resolution. If you need higher resolution, please contact us.

What languages do you support?

Our application and mobile apps are deployed in English only at this time. We transcribe videos in over 100 languages and generate topic keywords in over 30 languages. Our summary-based clip titles are generated in English only for English transcripts. Please see our language support table for more details. 

Do you support both traditional and simplified Chinese? 

Yes, we attempt to auto-detect traditional or simplified Chinese based on accents and transcribe the video or podcast as such. Our keywords and clip suggestions support both traditional and simplified Chinese.

How do I edit caption text?

To edit caption text for an uploaded video, please visit the (i) tab. From there you will see an edit box for the transcript text. Don’t forget to save after you’ve modified the caption text. 

How do ContentGroove channel subscriptions work?

Do you have a YouTube or Vimeo channel where you routinely upload your videos? ContentGroove can be set up to download new videos from your channel when they are added. Just go to settings > channels and add the URL of your channel. In addition, you can add specific start and stop dates for downloads and/or specify the minimum/maximum duration of the videos downloaded to ContentGroove. 

Are there limits to the number of channel subscriptions I can have?

For our free tier, we limit the number of channel subscriptions to four. For our Power tier and for all three AppSumo pricing tiers, our channel subscription limit is ten.

Which social media channels do you support for direct upload?

We currently support the following social media channels directly from within ContentGroove: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Slack. Each one of these social media services can be set up via username/password from within ContentGroove.

On mobile devices, we will by default use the device’s native sharing options so that sharing with ContentGroove is as seamless as any other app on your device.

Do you have APIs?

Virtually every function we support in our application today is also available programmatically in our API. Please visit our API documentation to learn more.

How can I reach you if I have more questions?

You can send us email at support@ or you can use our chat widget during normal business hours in the U.S. We look forward to hearing from you!