How To Use Video from Webinars, Events, Interviews and More

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Hosting webinars and interviews can be a captivating way of marketing your product or service effectively. While webinars, interviews, and virtual events are cost-effective and can present your content in an engaging way, they take a lot of time to organize and often end up in the content graveyard—you know, where your content goes after one use because you’re not sure what else to do with it…

One practical way to make the most of your time and effort is repurposing this content for social media, your website, and more. Marketers today reuse video from events, webinars, and interviews not only to increase their return on investment but also to up their marketing game.

Creating engaging video clips for social media can be time-consuming too, especially if you’re working from scratch. But if you start by repurposing older videos into clips, you’ve already done most of the work! From a full-length video, you can create several short-form videos and reels that can help you reach your targets.

Why Should You Repurpose Video Content?

The benefits of repurposing longer videos to create short video clips are undeniable.

  • Cost reduction: Repurposing your video content saves the time and money needed to create new content while taking full advantage of the content you’ve already invested in, making it an excellent way to maximize your ROI.
  • Target and reach a larger audience: You can target large audiences and reach previously uninterested people with a short-form video clip than with a full-length feature.
  • Target your content better: You can clip the videos to show your audience the parts that apply to them, driving home the key message you are looking to share and engaging the right people at the right time.
  • Maximize different platforms: Create content for the most popular social platforms, like Instagram, TikTok, or on landing pages, in sales decks, etc.
  • Get in on the trend: Short video clips such as Instagram Reels and TikTok are also exploding in popularity and are a great way to increase organic social engagement.

To maximize social media and its benefits, you ought to understand the best practices for repurposing videos and how to create them. Let’s explore some below.

How to Create Short Clips Based on Existing Content

1. Identify Valuable Videos in Your Library

Check your existing videos for the ones with the potential to create engaging short clips. Consider how successful they are and their target audience. Find out how many mini-clips in the video would do well with limited context. Determine the purpose of the videos and what you aim to achieve with them to make sure you are creating content that attracts the right audience. 

2. Select the Clips

It is possible to repurpose almost any video interview, webinar, or virtual event. Identify which video parts fit your content and marketing goals.

Select one or two answers to questions from the interview that apply to your platform and content strategy. Adding closed captions here can help boost your message.

Brief clips from a webinar can entice people to watch the rest of the video, or intrigue them to sign up for the next webinar you host. You can create such videos manually or use a reliable tool to identify clips by topic for you, thus saving time. ContentGroove AI bots can help you pull clips automatically based on individual topics.

3. Cut and Edit Your Clips

Cut your videos using video clipping software. An in-house video clip editor can cut clips based on your specifications, but an online video editing service can work just as well for a fraction of the cost. The clips can be short segments or compilations from different parts of the interview, webinar, or event.

Besides simply video clipping, you can add intros and outros, music, and captions to elevate your clip to the next level. You can use the intro to introduce context to the clip, and the outro to place your call-to-action. Captions are essential for social media, as 92% of users watch videos without sound.

Tips for Effective Video Clipping

The number one tip for effective video clipping and editing is to ensure you crop the video to fit the aspect ratio of your destination. In addition, consider video clipping software, such as ContentGroove, to make cutting and editing easier.

Using ContentGroove, you can:

  • Combine clips to create reels
  • Add music, caption, and intros and outros
  • Instantly get a transcript of your entire video
  • Find clips based on keywords for quicker editing

How to Create Clips with ContentGroove

  1. Upload your file or enter the URL of any YouTube or Vimeo video.
  2. Bots will listen to your video line by line using natural language processing.
  3. Bots will then break out clips relevant to your video.
  4. Review and edit the clips as you desire.
  5. Create reels from multiple clips, add music, intros and outros.

Start Your Video Editing Journey with ContentGroove Today

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