How To Repurpose Video Content For Social Media Platforms

As a marketer or content creator, how do you repurpose your video content to suit different social media platforms? Do you know the benefits of repurposing your video content? Repurposing content is a great way to keep content out of the “content graveyard” and save on time and costs when creating content for different social platforms.

According to a Sprout Social study, 54% of marketers say that video content is the most valuable asset for meeting their enterprises’ social goals. Creating content that suits different platforms is an expensive venture. However, you can repurpose content for different platforms while meeting their specs and best practices.

Here are tips for repurposing video content across five different platforms.

TikTok Video Requirements

Here are TikTok video requirements you should know about:

  • Resolution: TikTok videos should be approximately 1080×1920 pixels
  • Format: TikTok videos should be in a .mov or .mp4 format, while ads should have .AVI and .GIF format
  • Size: Maximum file size for organic video ads should be 287.6 MB. Your TikTok videos should be ideally less than one minute but no longer than 3 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 9:16

How To Repurpose TikTok Videos

Here is a cheat code on how to repurpose your content to suit your TikTok audience:

  • Add captions: TikTok features an editable auto-generated caption file for your video. Adding captions improves accessibility and ranks your content higher in search engines.
  • Use audio: Adding sound escalates your content, and even if the video does not need sound, adding audio and setting the volume to zero can boost the video’s SEO algorithm
  • Avoid screen recordings and animations; ideally, your content should feature a human being
  • Adopt the current trends and audio, but do so as fast as possible. Trends get outdated in a span of a few days 

Facebook Video Requirements

Here are Facebook video requirements you should know about:

  • Dimensions: Facebook newsfeed videos can be either landscape or square
  • Resolution: 1280×720 with a minimum width of 600
  • Size: Max file size is 4GB with a maximum length of 120 minutes; the shorter, the better
  • Formats: Mp4 or .mov

How To Repurpose Facebook Videos

Here are ways to repurpose your video content for Facebook:

  • Keep the videos under 5 minutes
  • Upload an attention-grabbing thumbnail
  • Capture the viewer’s attention with a banger preview and deliver more content than on TikTok
  • Add “tap for sound” option; more people view Facebook and LinkedIn without sound than on video-oriented platforms like TikTok and YouTube
  • Add a descriptive title to grab attention and enhance SEO

LinkedIn Video Requirements

Here are LinkedIn video requirements you should know about:

  • Aspect ratio: 1:2.4 and 2.4:1
  • File size: 5GB maximum
  • Video format: .ASF, .AVI, .FLV, .MOV, .MPEG-1, .MPEG-4, .MKV, .WebM, however, .MOV or .MP4 work best
  • Video length: must be at least 3 seconds long and shorter than 10 minutes.

How To Repurpose LinkedIn Videos

LinkedIn videos are more informational and “professional” than other platforms; however, there is still room for fun.

Here are ways to repurpose your video content for LinkedIn:

  • Crop vertical videos into a square to optimize scrolling through the feed
  • Create clipped versions of webinars and interviews
  • Keep the video at 30 seconds or less if you are looking to increase brand awareness, else informational videos can be longer

Instagram/ Reels Video Requirements

Here are LinkedIn video requirements you should know about when repurposing your content:

  • Resolution: 1080×1920 pixels
  • Format: .MP4 or .MOV, .MP4 is typically recommended over .MOV 
  • File Size: Videos cannot be larger than 4GB
  • Length:  60 seconds in length. Much like TikTok, the shorter, the better

How To Repurpose Instagram/ Reels Videos

Reels are very similar to TikTok’s. Hence, the same tips apply. When creating and cropping the video, the top and bottom of the video are cut off in the feed view. The caption may slightly obscure the bottom of the video. Keep this in mind 

YouTube Shorts Video Requirements

YouTube shorts has similar specs to TikTok:

  • Resolution: 1920×1080, with a minimum of 600×600 pixels; you can also upload square videos
  • Adopt black bars below and above the video
  • Dimensions: Doesn’t support landscape videos 
  • File size: under 4 MB

How To Repurpose YouTube Shorts Videos

Here are ways to repurpose and optimize your content for YouTube:

  • YouTube automatically categorizes any content shorter than 60 seconds as a short
  • If your video uses music from YouTube’s catalog, cap it at 15 seconds or less
  • Use shorts as a ‘preview’ for longer videos 
  • Use snippets of existing videos, or promote your channel directly
  • Keep the video concise and hook on to trends

Make Cutting and Editing Easy with Content Groove

Embrace the speed and power of new tech and forget manual editing. ContentGroove offers you perks you don’t get from standard YouTube/Vimeo clipping features.

Here are the benefits of using ContentGroove:

  • Automatically generates suggested clips based on keywords
  • Combines clips to create reels 
  • Adding music, captions, intro, and outros to your videos
  • Instant video transcription
  • Find clips based on keywords for easy editing

How To Create Video Clips with ContentGroove

Here is a step-by-step video guide to creating video clips with ContentGroove.

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We’re excited to announce that ContentGroove is generally available today! We are grateful to all of you who have helped us test our beta and tune the product over the past several months. Today’s launch includes a number of new features for users and developers:

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Our Story: Using AI to Create Relevant, Topical Video Clips

A few years ago, my co-founders Perry and Earl observed that most long videos (let’s say over 5 minutes) were expensive to create, typically posted once, and never reused. They felt that if there was a way for videos to be automatically broken down into easily reusable, relevant clips, then everyone, from marketing teams to everyday content creators, would be able to better unlock the value of the video content that they have already created.

After several iterations, we feel excited to release our first shot at solving this problem, which focuses on breaking down videos with significant spoken content. Just upload your video (or enter a YouTube or Vimeo link), and our AI will create relevant, topical clips for you to review, tune, and use.

Thank you for joining us early in our journey!  Although this is our first release, we have a lot more in store to help you create and publish video easier, faster, and cheaper.

Social Media: Save Time and Money With Auto-Generated Video Clips

Anyone who does any amount of social media knows two things: (1) successful social media accounts need to be fed regularly with new content and (2) video clips are terrific for driving social media engagement (think TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn). 

But here’s the problem: working with video is a time-consuming process and outsourcing it can be super expensive. It can take hours just to sift through a single one-hour video looking for clips to pull, format, and use. And sending a video out for a contractor or agency to process can cost thousands of dollars per video. 

ContentGroove: Feature-rich AI Video Editor

We think you’ll really like what we’ve built to date. Here’s a high-level list of features and benefits that you’ll find when you sign up to use our product.

  1. Transcript generation and keyword analysis: our system makes available your video’s transcript as well as a list of key topics in your video
  2. Automatic video clip generation: save valuable video editing time by reviewing what our system suggests as top clips in your video
  3. Video clip trimming: extend, shorten, or edit clips using our easy-to-use video clip trimmer
  4. Captions management (edit, format, burn-in): not all of your customers will have sound on by default; in fact, studies show that over 80% of mobile users watch video with the sound off – engage them with captions
  5. Multi-clip reel builder (intros, outros, music): add branding and polish to your video clips
  6. YouTube and Vimeo channel subscriptions: never double-upload anything again – we’ll get your new videos right from your video channels
  7. Email and Slack notifications: share an animated gif and clips directly in email and Slack
  8. Embeddable video player: embed our video clip player directly in your website
  9. (New) Video cropping (9:16, 1:1, 4:3, 3:4): resize your video clips so that they present well natively on a mobile phone
  10. (New) Dashboard: load content and view your latest activity – all in one place
  11. (New) Shareable SEO-ready video clip landing pages: we create the page – you share it
  12. (New) API: need all of this in programmatic form? Check out our brand-new API

Customer Example

Our customer, Ellen, is a marketer at Ironhorse.io who creates numerous long-form webinar and roundtable videos with industry experts. Her goal is to turn those videos into pieces of derivative content to share on social platforms.

Ellen uses ContentGroove to automatically generate social-ready snippets of key moments from the original video to generate impressions and engagement. The outcome: ContentGroove video snippets published on LinkedIn have led to 36% more impressions than posts with link previews. On Twitter, ContentGroove snippets have resulted in a 27% higher engagement rate than traditional link previews.

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